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swopping yore baby for anuther won!!!!

My dad sore this at a roman fought and i woz so shocked i thort that it woz a scandal (dunno wot that is but my pay-rents yoos that werd when they is reely cross bout things like eye-rack, pee eff eyes ect). this woz seen at a roman fought. it let's peeple put there baybee in this sort of little house place and yoo can get a new one instead, a sort of swop plaice!!! well, i is shocked that hoomans wood doo such things!!! i no that when my payrents first got danl home they wonted to swop him cos he did'nt cum with a OFF swich and he woz ver ver happy not to sleap when the payrents woz ver keen to have a sleep, and i can understand this cos i like my sleep and i has a sort of inside on/off switch. but they was not aloud to swop danl cos they did not find this baby change plaice of four jays back then.

how duz it werk? well, i suppose yoo go in orl polite and say sumthing like, good mourning i has a baby wot i has had for a bit and i wood like to change him or her for a noo won cos this is not quite the won i wonted. and they say; certainly, we has a few hear, wood yoo like to take a look and choose a noo won and we will sea wot we can doo with yores? maybee der baby change plaice cood link up with mr mayhew home rspca, ware i come from and then yore cat cood go along their and say look, i need to swop my hoomans, they is not ver satsifdc....satisfacktry.......good and i need to find sum new wuns. but it wood be terrible if der hoomans wonted to get rid of the cats and the cats woz happy in there house and did not wont to leave - ooh, that wood be terrible. babys is ok to swop but not groan up cats wot is settled and orl that with hooman payrents or staff.

beefour leaving i had better eggs-plain wot a fought it; one of them interesting werds i has not yoosed beefour hear. well, in roman times, wot woz beefour i woz bornded (I no, crazy idea that), so probly bout when danl woz bornded or sumthing like that, long time ago. if yoo woz going to do lots of fighting and yoo wonted to win yoo wood bild a place to fite from and this is corled a fought, cos yoo fought from it. and they woz ver good coz yoo then had a good chance of winning the fight with a good fought. simple reely. orlweighs glad to help eggs-plain the misteries of langwidge cos i can werk these things out.

hi biggles your picture worried me. how wd anyone know they had swpped a baby anyway-they all look the same. dont like the idea of cats being swapped either. though sometimes Denny is so noisy that it would be nice to have an off switch.

Staff's computer has a rat as well. but she doesnt use it cos of her arm- she uses the keys instead. i am trying to be nice to her and not make her feel like a cripple so i am trying to do thd same but as my paws are quite big i make some soelling mistakes by hitting the wrong keys as you can probably tell!
Hi Biggles
staff's mood has now got worse-she has to wear the smelly thing on her arm for 6 weeks. even Dennace tried to run away this morning by geting in someones car but she brought him back.
paddy has lots of mummys- his real mummy, my staff and i guess there was a cat somewhere that gave birth to him and took him to the petshop where he chose my staff. he also has grandparents and great grandparents. i didnt know if he had a daddy so i asked staff. she laughed and said he was not a test tube cat. i knew that already because he is too big furred to go into a testtube.
staff saw a little boy go into anna-phil-ack-tick shock in the hospital this morning. she says tat a medical career is not for her!
Hello Biggles, thank you for your message.

My sister Lola also came from the RSPCA, that must be a very big house! When she went there, she was broken, they found her down a drain and because she was so dirty and broken, they didn’t know if she was boy or girl. She told me they used to call her stig, as in Stig of the dump…..this made mummy cry when she heard the story! Anyway, Lola now has her forever home with me mummy and Pixie. She isn’t dirty any more because she is now so obsessed with washing. She is still a bit frightened of people though…..and her smelly bottom has returned!!

Pixie is not from the RSPCA home like Lola, or from a shop like me, she is from a place called Beaston like Denny. Mummy saw her advertised for sale on the work database and went to collect her. Pixie will be 1 soon! She is the youngest but I love her lots. I am still in charge though!

Mummy says that she has been on probation for more years than she cares to remember, whatever that means. She said that earlier this year she wanted to go to the prison to work but she was very very crap in her interview. I remember, she came home at 4 30 in the afternoon and drank lots of wine. She said that sometimes she likes her job but she has to work with lots of people who smell worse than Lola’s bottom!

I must go now as I need to update my own blog.

Your friend Paddygay in da vilge!
Hi biggles, Shadow here. I think this sign is worrisome. I don't think people swap their babies here in Canada, though there are times I would like to swap my teenage human brother for another cat or even another chicken dog!

Your friend

Shadow, Leo and the chicken dog
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