Tuesday, June 12, 2007


fings wee like too doo

runty hav taken to sitting and sleeping in pongy plaices. she like to sit on top of the lawndry barsk-it and sleapin on my dads' cloaths. he is not ver pleased with this cos he say she leave her furr on everything cos she orlweighs molting, runty say to me that she like a nice familiar smelly pong as it make her feel cum-four-table and she say the lawn-dry barskit is speshally luvly for this as the pong is big and doo rise up throo orl the wholes. she orlsow sit their weighting for a drink from her faverit tap wen she not in the sink.

gwen arsked ver nicely if i wood put up a picksher of her latest mouse on my blog and cos i has been told too share nicely i said ok. she said that she did try to eat it but she just was'nt that hungry and got board after the hed. she sed my dad cood have it but he just sticks them in noose paper and put them in a bag in the bin - my mum yoojooly scream when she sea a mouse, ca'nt think wye it a bit smorl too hert her. hoomans do'nt seem to eat mouses wot is a bit strainge considering orl the uther things they eat and orl the blah blah bout sumthing corled a carbon foot print and orl their is no carbon paw print if yoo eat the kills from your own guardin.

I got to play pat the frog the other nite. it was fun, it is my favrit game, but then the froggy hopped into the greeny bits and i lost it, wot was not ver nice of him and not much fun - froggies is orlweighs like that and orl i wont too doo is give them a littel pat and wotch them jump in der air and squork, then they cood then have a tern and pat me if they arsked nicely, but they is too stoopid four that.

hear is a nice picksher of mee havin a barth wot is ver good and i like ver much. i is woshin my eyes-ee-pyeses cos they get a bit saw from wen i woz ill with floo wen i lived with mr mayhew-home rspca wen i woz a teenee weenee baybee and did not no my mum and dad and bruv and sista.

Hi Biggles. Sorry to hear you had flu when you was a little baby at Mr Mayhews house. I havent had flu myself but I have suffered poo problems so know what it is like not to feel well. I dont like sleeping in pongy places myself-i have written on my blog about my new sleeping place-it is great just hope I dont fall off.
You still have silly mobile phone adverts all over the blog-it doesnt make it hard to read for me cos I is intellectual but stupid peoples might have a problem with it.
hope you are well
it went away but now it is back again! the phone i mean!
how are you? i smell of dog
the advert is gone!
just a quick message cos Staff is about to go down to Heart-ford-shire (and leave us alone all night!)
yes Dennace does look like Pixie- that is cos they is brother and sister. apparently they came from the same litter tray in Beeston and there were five of them in the litter tray- one like me, one like Paddy, a grey one and the two stripy ones what are now called dennace and pixie. dennace used to be a girl called clover and then he grew a willy.
ps my sister Molly and Paddy's sister Lola are sisters too- they came from the same RSPCA cage. My Staff went to look for kittens and Molly climbed up her leg. Molly came to live with me and Staff (denny wasnt borned yet) and Lola went to live with Paddy and his Staff.
Hello Biggles, your friend Paddy here.

I have finally been allowed to sneak in and use the computer and thought I would send you a message. It has been ages since I used the computer and I see that you have made many many posts.

I found the pictures of nuddy cycling very disturbing, who needs wheels when you have four paws?

I have two favourite chairs where I sleep and I also like to share mummy’s bed. There are two suitcases under the bed and Lola and pixie usually have one each, although when it was raining in the week Pixie kept trying to sleep on mummy’s pillow when she was wet!

Mummy says it will soon be time for Wimbledon and then it will rain non-stop for a fortnight. I quite like Wimbledon, do you?

Your friend

Hi Biggles
There is a mouse in my kitchen. It isn't like the one in your picture though as it has a head and it is running around.
It wasn't me that brought it in and don't think it was Denny because he sleeps on Staff's head at night. Molly prefers birds to mouses. Therefore by process of elim-in-aysh-on (you can tell I am an intellectual) I have deducted-ised that it was Staff.
Dear Biggles,

I think your detective work is a little bit confused. You said that Denny and Molly look alike, but I think you meant Denny and Pixie? Molly is Oscar’s sister she is all black, she and I don’t get on too well as she gets cross if I visit her in her territory. It is Pixie and Denny who come from the same litter, in a place called Beaston! When they arrived they were both very small, smaller than a wine glass! Mummy and other mummy went to collect them and they didn’t know which house Denny was going to live at and which house Pixie was going to live at. It was actually Pixie who decided, as she was so so tired that she climbed onto mummy’s shoulder and went to sleep, she chose her! I love pixie very much except she is naughty a lot and has so much energy!

You say your brother Dan is training to be a specialist human vet? What is he going to specialise in? my mummy went to university with a lot of people who were training to be human vets, one wanted to work with geriatrics (I think that means old people) and one wanted to work with paediatrics I think that it working with children because my mummy mentions paedophiles sometimes when she is talking about her work and that relates to children too but in a yuck way! So does your brother dan want to work with old people or children or bones and stuff I think that is called orthopaedics like other mummy’s broken arm. My mummy mentions ophthalmologists who shine things in her eyes to see if they can make her see again but she says it is all crap cause her eyes isn’t never going to work!

Happy birthday to Dan too. I liked having my birthday I will be 4 in January and Pixie will be 2 in May. Lola will be 3 in April and mummy was 30 on her birthday, she is very very old!

I am very proud of myself I brought mummy a present today, it was a bird and I put it on the rug for her and guarded it until she got home. It was dead and other mummy helped her to collect it and I purred and strutted and held my tail high! I don’t know if mummy believes it was me who brought her the present as she says I am a wimp and am good at taking the credit for other cats good work. I think mummy believes it was pixie or Lola who brought the bird but she can’t prove it so I will say it was me!

I don’t understand cricket either it is too long mummy says. But I guess it could be entertaining as us cats have a tendency to be able to concentrate on things for hours, expecially if we are trying to catch presents to take home!!

Your friend Paddygay
hello biggles. yes me and the others and Staff is safe. there were lots and lots of floods and it got very wet with lots of puddles and my paddy came to stay with his mummy because he had been to have his teeth cleaned and was sleepy.
staff has been away for a few days because her mum retired in london but she came back late last night and brought lots of rain with her. i see on the tv that there are bombs in cars in london, something to do with a new cabinet (we have a new sofa)- hope it isnt near your house?
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