Wednesday, June 06, 2007


more peeple wot spell and yoos the propostroffee like mee!!!!!

My dad arsked speshally nicely if i wood put up the notis' on the left (or is that rite?) cos the spelling is just like wot I doo and they yoos the apostrotoffee just like wot i duz. This silly noti's cum from a estate agent (wot ever that is) corled Abacus. My dad say that if they carnt spell there number wun werd - proper-tea - write and carnt doo basic grammer, and show so little care for checking detail he will never yoos them and thanks for the worning!!!! I has had a close look at the notis and it look ok too me but i no that my dad like proper-tea cos in der morning he has a speshall tea pot and he put in too tipes of tee in a speshal thing wear he take out the leaves so it do'nt broo two much; 2 spoonfools of early grey and won spoonfool of inglish brek-farst. my mum say proper-tea is theft - huh???? she think this very witty (she not ver brite and werk two hard so it gon to her brane wot left of it).

he orlsew arsk ver nicely if i can ad a foto from a local froot storl wear the apostro'phe look fine too mee????? dunno wot he on about but he say theirs lots at the froot storl like this.

the uther foto on the left (or is that rite?) is of my tummy, cos its luvly.

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