Thursday, July 05, 2007



Their has bin lots of berth days. My mum says that we woz orl born about 11 years ago orltho the miggit, gwen, is a few weaks older than wot i and runty is. my mum sez that i is ver ver lucky that the 11 plus doo not egg-sist no moor!!! Well, I sat weighting for the rest of the sum, 11 plus wot? I woz reddy to show just how clever i is but she just worked aweigh and did not finish the sum, hoomans eh??

Well, hoomans doo have sumthing corled propper berth days cos my dad had won with a ver ver big number and danl had won the day beefour. I thort a berth day woz the day that a ship cums into a dock/parking plaice and parks in a berth, so that is the ships' berth day, and cos danl is a dock-ter, I think that is why he has won. But i is not shure cos hee told me he is a hooman vet and doo not park ships but i cood be rong about this. orlsow my frend osker told me that kittens cum in litter trays but we doo not has litter trays hear but go out throo hour cat flap and has the hole guardin to yoos!!! i think osker may be rong hear cos wee orl no hear that kittens cum from mr mayhew-home rspca. but wear hooman babys cum from i do'nt no, i wunce sore an old carton/khartoon on telly and the baby woz brort buy a big berd corled a stork - hmmm, i think this may not be rite but i shall wotch the sky for this won.

oh, yess, and happy berth-day too osker it is 3 years since he cum out of his litter tray.

the pay-rents went to sea danl for his berthday and orlso cos cousin ted have a big big party for his berth-day, or near dartmouth road in devon, so i woz left in charj aggen and tried too stop runty from pissing and orl, and mimi dun cum in to check for the payrents that we woz ok and had food. runty dun pea on the stares but on the bin liner (not oh-sarma bin-liner but a black placky bag with paper on it) and beehind the frunt daw. i tell her not too but she do'nt lissen to me.

wen they cum back i orlweighs has too sit lots and lots on the payrents, not cos i has missed them, oh know!!!! not at orl!!! its' just cos they need too know that evrything is orl rite and orl that. and runty doo go mad and gwen too cos they nead the strokes and stuff, not like me.

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