Sunday, July 22, 2007


long too reign over us!!!

my goodness their woz a lot of reign!!! the payrents sed that i woz in charj cos they wos going to see zo grad-you-ate (dunno wot she ate), and she had a littel star (corled a aste-risk necks too her name cos she got the first class post thing). well, the payrents tell me that it was the werst drive ever ever ever ever ever, that they were in the werst of the reign and it woz so bad the jer-knee shood have taken 100 minits but took more than for ours!!! and wot is werst cos the traffic woz so slo cos the moterweigh woz fludde they terned off and were on cuntry rodes and had too drive throo worter wot cum over the bonnet of the car (i did not no my mums car wore a hat!!!) and now the car is hert and not werk properly but it got them home. my mum has a nice shiney kwite knew car and this means they have too yoos my dads' old estate banger wot gose ok cos its a volvo, well they is bothe volvos. enny weigh they only maid it just beefour the thingy woz starting and it woz orl scary and stuff and the coodnt sea zo cos she has bean singing orl weak in the chamber quire.

my dad sez her peace of paper thingy says class one on it. well, that is sad cos its the bottom number. i no this cos i can count;

won is bottom and orlso top cos it means me!!!!!
too is me n runty
three is me, runty and the miggit gwen (yuk!!!!!!!)
for is the payrents danl and zo
and the hoomans and the cats all make lots!!!! a ver big number.
so i am sorry zo got the lowest number and they put a littel star by her name and the others wot got it to cheer them up.

but the reign woz bad and i woz in charj and orl and then i woz in charge four the nite and that is orl hard werk. so wen the payrents cum home i let them stroke me lots cos they needed it. then my dad sed he just felt ill cos it had orl bin so terrible and he was exhaustpipe or sumthing. and then he went out agenn!!!!! so when he cum back, few, i made shoor he stroke me lots.

the payrents say they got to get danl and orl his stuff from dartmouth road, out side the territtorree cos he got too doo maw trayning cos he not ver clever dock-ter. hee is ver pleased that he got anuther 7 yeres or sumthink to make him more speshalist or speshal needs or sumthink. i think it just show he is thick like zo, cos he dun 5 yeres first, now 3 yeres more werking as dock-ter how much more he need beefour he no enuff and he will never bee clever enuff to treat cats cos we is to speshall and need a vet. reely the only clever person in this famly is me!!!!!! my dad say he must doo more cos he is only a jew-near dock-ter and with more trayning he will be a sea-near dockter. it make no sense at orl too mee, but then hoomans is sad and just make life complicated.

oh, the noo toilets ware the trees woz is just brillant, cos the erth is orl soft and easy too dig up. me n runty luv them lots but their not for gwen!!!!

i do'nt like this parents going aweigh to devon thingy, and now they got to go too whales ferst (wot ever that is) but it is near sum more of the nasty fluddy bits.

or this is not good and i think the payrents shood just stay at home like wot they ort too but thay say that danl will live hear for a bit aggen and that will be brillant to have my bruv home. i just do'nt wont them going reely speshally with the fluddy water thingy. time for a sleep.

Hi Biggles
It sounds like you and your pay-rents have had an eventful weekend. The fludds sound nasty, especially the water on your mum's car's hat. Staff's car doesnt have a hat or bonnet or anything like that. it is yellow and Sensible Staff calls it a zit. I dont know what that is but would probably like to eat it. When it fludded up here there was water all over the yellow thing and Paddy was in there and he didnt like it. We have had fludd damage at our house today. something called led-flashing is broken on the porch (i think flashing is a bit rude) but the emergency people wont come out unless water starts pouring in through the ceiling. Staff is not turning on the light in the hallway just in case. She was very cross when she rang the people she has insurance with (not the same people that she insures me with) because they wanted her to pay a big excess. She now has a man that works for the council coming round to fix it in the evening and is apparently paying him something called "cashinhand" so it will be cheaper.
I have been a very naughty pandacat over the last few days and have got stuck in places that i shouldn't. i have been showing off a bit because new cats have moved into the street. they are a bit puny and gay looking. one is called Alan and one is called Bernie and they are both girls. I guess it is a bit like when Denny used to be called Clover before he grew a willy and turned into a boy.
do you ever do naughty things?
bye for now, your fiend Oscarpanda
Hi Biggles
I remember John Barrowboy when he was on the television with the man that looks like a toad when they were all trying to sing like i can and be someone called Joe-ziff. Staff goes a bit silly when Mr Barrowboy is on but says he is gay like Paddy so she cant marry him. Staff has been to the Whales place. It is wet and fluddy there too at the moment so your dad had better remember to put the hat on the car again.
Hello Biggles, I hope you are okay. I guess your dad has banned you from the computer for a while?

paddygay in the village
Hello Biggles
I hope you are allowed on the computer soon.
When I went onto your blog I saw a picture of a little duck on the address bar. please can you tell me where you got this from as I want a picture instead of the orange blogger thing.
Your friend NaughtyPandaCatOscar (I have not been very well behaved recently!)
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