Tuesday, July 17, 2007


the Millenium Dumb

wot, yoo many arsk, is the Millenium Dumb. Well, this ver ver stoopid bilding thingy woz thort of ferst by a Mr Major Minor and then a Mr Bliar and his friend Mandy sed it woz a wunderful idea for celebraiting the millenium (except they woz a year rong). so they bilt this stoopid thingy and orlmost nobody went to it and then nobody wood bye it cos they woz not that stoopid. and now sumbody has bort it and they have renamed it the Oh Too Stoopid, so yoo must'nt corl it the Millenium Dumb any more or they get cross and brake yore legs cos yoo have too say it is brillant and just wot we orlweighs kneaded.

my payrents had never scene it so they went and had a look and it is by the worter corled der river tems wot is wet worter. so i think my dad must have bin swimming when he took won of the fotos, dunno.

it looks pritty stoopid to me.

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