Wednesday, July 18, 2007


my mummy did not cum home larst nite

I is not reely wurrid but my mummy did not cum home larst nite and in der mourning she had her littel weely case with her. I is not wurrid bout this, oh no, cos we top cats doo not miss our hoomans the weigh they miss us but i doo like to have a sit on her for a littel bit in the eevning cos i no it duz her good. my dad sez not too wurry cos she is just at a littel con-frens in broadstares. i arsk him bout this and he tell me that a confrence is wear peepel meet and tork, well do'nt they orlweighs! and i suppose if their is lots and lots of them then they need wide broad stares to sit on and go up and down, tho why the bigness of the stare case shood be important i do'nt no. well, layter on their woz no bodee down stares so i popt up too the studdee and found runty sleeping on my dads chare as she duz now lots and he was sitting on the old, grotty chair and he looked as tho he needed sum cumpenny, so he let me hav a blog and then i went to sleep on the study bed cos blogging is tyreing on the luverly bloo blanket wot now has lots and lots and lots of my luverly fur on it.

well, we normally sleep in the playroom with the daw closed but i think my dad woz going to let us stay in the study we looked so settled. but then runty herd dad go in the barthroom and she jumped up for her drink and then she need her speshall time cuddle from him in the bed (now that she is peramentlee diserted by her mummy zo with the first class post degree). well, i found that i was all by my only self in the study so i woke up and thort my dad woz probbly lonely sew i wood join him in der bed. so he had runty on his chest purring and i got on the bed necks to him (not aweigh aweigh on my mums' side) and let him stroke me and pured alot. i thort it wood be good if we staid the nite like this and bee orl frendly unless i need a cuddle or a drink or sumthink in the nite or runty doo or need more cuddling, but then my dad pick runty up off his chest wot she doo not like at orl and she stop purring and he take her down to the playroom and then he cum up four me and grab me kwick and take me down two!!! he nose he has too grab me kwick or he get my clores if he try to moove me off MY bed.

i think hoomans can be reely reely ungrateful when yoo is beeing nice to them and frendly to stop them from beeing lonely and orl, and orl he doo is take us down and sleep aloane.

PS my frends osker and paddyebenezer wot live the town corled up-north have had fluds and lots and lots of reign (like in the nashonal anthem - long to reign over us). they tell me it has bean reigning cats and dogs!!! this is terrible - cats shood not have to forl out of the sky and if a big dog landed on yoo it wood hert yoo and they are two stoopid to tern in the air and land on there feet like wot a cat duz . fourtoonately wear i live it only reigns worter. my dad sez this is a metafour expreshon thingy, well i do'nt wont too bee reigned on by a metafour either!!

Hello biggles,

Mummy has left ehc computer alone for a bit so I can send you a message but shestill has not fixed her ipod and it is making her really mad. Teh computer is also misbehaving it is going really slow and I think she has broken it. Mummy is always breaking the computers at work and the computer people make fun of her and say she is really stupid because she keeps making error messages about uncorrectable errors and security issues! I thibnk it is rubbing off at home.

I think your mum and dad should letyou sleep on your bed at night if you want to it isn'tjust a daytime bed. I am not allowed to sleep on my bed during the day now because of Pixie's new habit of bringing birds in. mummy said she doesn't want to find a decomposing bird under the bed and would rather they were left on the rug. I am allowed on the bed at night though but I have a new favourite place, it is one of the armchairs and mummy has put a towel on it for me to make it comfortable. She says it is because I don't groom myself properly and leave piles of white fur on the chair but i know it is because she wants me to be comfortable.

Your friend Paddy
Hi Biggles
dont worry your mum will come back home soon. My Staff goes away sometimes but she has always come back. its not fair that you are not allowed to sleep on your bed at night. i always choose exactly where i want to sleep and sometimes Staff has to sleep somewhere else cos there is no room.
I have decided to sulk this evening for no particular reason so I am ignoring Staff a bit. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen eh?!
bye for now, Oscarpanda
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