Tuesday, July 17, 2007


nice fotos of mee

these is nice fotos of me. on the rite (or is it left?) yoo can see me n runty havin a nice wrest on hour (more of them silly silent letters but now I no wear to yoos them)
table and having a chat and thngs.
the other foto is ver nice. i duz not hav a cumfy bed in the hall corridor thingy but my dad woz most kind to leave a nice pile of woshing wot woz nice and dry from the guardin like wot i helped him hanged up and woz on gard duty, for me to settle down for a nice nap.

but it is just nice to have nice fotos of me cos this is my blog. my dad is nagging that i shood put up a foto of gwen cos she is soooo bootiful ect ect yuk yuk. but i wo'nt!!! its my blog and noboddiee elses and i will have fotos up of onlee cats like wot i like, wot means mee and maw of mee and a bit of runty sumtimes cos sh'es my frend.

so four wonce this poste is just about mee and i is not riting on other things. i better go too sleep now.

ps. my dad is a bit cross cos i is not orlweighs helping him hang out the woshing but leving it to runty (ackshirley I think he a bit hert cos he misses me to stroke and to be on gard), so i dun it tooday. hee better not sea this bit or if i sea him lookin at my blog i will tell him not to reed this bit strait aweigh. i will say; do'nt look their! do'nt reed that bit! and then he wont' - brillant as ever!!!! amazin reely.

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