Monday, July 16, 2007


no yore flours!!

oops thees fotos has not quite gon on my blog like wot i wonted cos this is a lesson in noing the names of flours. my payrents like these bushy things cos they grow big and do'nt need much werk, cept when theirs no reign and a hose pipe ban then my dad doo get cross.

these plarnts is orl corled draingers. the too big plants is corled high-drangers and the little won is corled a low-dranger. so little is low-dranger, and big and torl (like mee) is called high-dranger. ok?

that's it just thort yoo orl needed a guardining lesson and to no the names of sum flours.

you are very good at gardening obviously Biggles.
we have lots of flowers in our garden too. they are called we-eeds. probably because i wee in them.
not sure what you call the flowers that i poo in?
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