Thursday, July 19, 2007


thank yoo frends

I just wont too thanck my frends, paddyebenezar and osker for there support. my mum did cum back - not that i mist her, oh know, not at orl, cos top cats like me duz not need there hoomans, they are just nice to hav around.
normally i do'nt mind sleeping in the playroom its' just that i woz wurried my dad wood bee lonely on his own, i woz not at orl lonely on my own downstares and then in the study, not at orl. but if i duz choose to sleep upstares then i shood not bee mooved cos it is ver rood. it is paw runty wot do'nt like it cos she orlweighs needs her speshal attenshun from my dad and she never wont to sleep downstares at nite. zo did try to let her sleep with her a few years back and found that runty usually tried to rap herself round zo's hed in the middle of the nite or needed to pop out for a pea at 4.
ennyweigh it is orl ok, orltho i wunder if they are planning to go aweigh soon cos a lady corled me-shell came round and took keys away with her........hmm, and me-shell (strainj name) woz not mimi wot yoojoolee pop in to feed us etc.

its' ok for osker to move starff around cos starff is starff but i has payrents and its' a bit diffrent.

ooh paddy - wots a decomposing bird? is it a berd wot rites music and gose chirp chirp to pritty its decomposed tunes?

well, its' time for a nap on the nice study blue blanket wot is now mine as i think it mite reign soon.

i hope things are ok in the town corled up-north and that it stops reigning cats and dogs and you only get worter like wot wee doo hear.

the wize and wunderfull biggles mitey top cat!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (i has'nt dun that four a long time, tee hee)

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