Tuesday, July 17, 2007


we has noo toy-lets

We has noo toy-lets. a toy-let is not a smorl toy, no know know, it is a polite werd for a pee and poo plaice. Well, we has yoosed der top of the guardin and things - and ver nice it is two - and runty pops behind the booshes, speshally wen it is reigning lots. but cos we had der old plumb trees dugged up, corled pruning, we has extra toylet spaces. one is ver near the house and is wear their is the complete messed up plumb tree wot i has shown yoo on my blog beefour.

well, i thort, wot cood be nicer than too sea me n runty selly-brating yoosing hour knew (sea, i has bin practicing my spelling and them norty werds with silly silent letters at the beginning, got them rite for wunce) toylet. orl der pickshers is not kwite in der rite order, stoopid blog thingy, so yoo shood look at me dig dig digging deep ferst and then dooing my poo. the picksher of runty cuvvering up and finishing off is from a pea, and the uther foto is doing a ver nice poo.

hooray for noo toylets do'nt yoo think.

and wot doo hoomans doo? doo they pop into the guardin and scrach up a nice bit of erth and pop there bottoms down?? no of corse not, cos they is yoosless as ever. they go into a speshall room and then waist lots of paper (cos they ca'nt lick there bottoms) and wosh it orl a weigh into the effluent society in witch we live - well, wee doo not make it effluent yoo hoomans doo!!!

sew wee say, thank you mummy and daddy ver ver much four making us luverly knew toylets.

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