Thursday, July 05, 2007


well dunn gwen!!! and a thort for osker and uthers

i has bin arsked to say well dun too gwen four eating most of her moste ree-sent mouse, she must have bin a bit moor hungry. the uther foto (the won on the left......or is that rite???) is of my tummy cos its' luvly.

a speshall thort for osker and paddy and frends hoo liv in der waist land of the north of ingland. they has had lots of fludding up their of reign like in the nashonal anthem (wossat???) wear it say - long to rain over us!!! - and they mite have floated aweigh, hanging on with there clores to staffs plaster cast on her arm wot she got when she woz not plastered and drunk at orl!!! but tripped on her oan dore stop - heh! but i has bin tolde they is orl orl rite and has not floated a weigh!!!! we is orl ver pleesed bout this. i has scene sum of this fludding thing on the telly noose but they go blah blah orl the time bout the spoilt thingies in the houses and sleeping in the whorels but they do'nt show wot happen too the pets and the cats espeshally!!!! this tippical of hooman noose - oh, wo, they go, shame shame shame ect ect for the hoomans and nuffink bout the cats wot cares for the hoomans ect. tippical sell-fish of hoomans as yoojal.

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