Wednesday, August 08, 2007


and about time two too to!!

well, the payrents is hardlee home and then they get down THE BIG SOOT CASES!!! wot meen gowing aweigh propper, wot i doo not reely like cos of orl the beeing in charjness wot i has too doo and try to stop runty peeing and orl and not sware at gwen. yoo can sea a pick-sher of runty sitting on won of the BIG SOOT CASES (by the weigh, they got no soot in them at orl only cloves.

well off they go aggenn wot mean i is in charj aggen and has too make shure that me-shell doo the food propper and orl. the payrent went to the lake district and to north whales to a plaice corled angle-see! (silly name) and it woz wet - well, serves them rite if yoo arsk me it woz nice and sunny and worm hear. and wot doo the lake district have yoo arsk?? hills!!!

the picksher on the rite (or is it left?) is yet annuther egg-sample of just how stoopid hoomans is. sumtimes hoomans doo not no ware they are gowing - not like mee!!!! - and need sines to help them. well, look at this won, ha ha ha, it say go left (or is that rite?) and write (or is that left?) and up into the sky too times. well, look, you can't go in for three(?) dye-wreck-shons at wonce and hoomans ca'nt fly sew theirs no point in having arrows wot point up wards!! tippical, tippical.

arfter me-shell had dun the food thingy and i had looked arfter her two, my bruv cum home. it woz brill too sea danl and i ran out intoo the rode to help him unlode and cos i thort he needed to stroke me. but he woz bizzy with the luggij and sow i rolled over in the rode and he picked me up - wot yoo doo not doo to a top cat in public!!!! - and put me in the house saying that i woz ver norty and silly to role over in the rode and orl that. just cos he won up on me in the peckin order he think he can doo that sort of stuff too me. well hese not getting enny of my hills sigh-ens food.

well, its ack-shirley grate to hav my bruv home and eeven tho he had too go to the hospital to lern more strait aweigh in the mourning when he woz home i let him stroke me lots and lots and sit on his lap and stuff so he do'nt feel lonely - not that i need it for me, oh know, we top cat's do'nt. hee still leve his stuff orl over the plaice and put his sherts and stuff evry-ware down stares like wot the payrents doo not doo!!!

well then the payrents dun cum home and at larst my dad givs me my tern on the puter sow i can wright my blog aggen.

oh and gess wot, sumthink my dad tolde me wot is wierd. we has lots of blackberrys in the guardin, rite? and berdies is eating sum of them wot i think is a bluddy cheek!!! my dad sez that the birdies eat the blackberries and eat the tiny seeds inside and then they fly aweigh and when they doo a poo the seeds are in the poo and then they make noo blackberry booshes - amazing. and the poo is a bit of food to help the littel seed start - eeven maw amazing. well, i must have a look at my poos too sea if they grow lots of hills sigh-ens food.

nice pic of mee beelow, eh, dooing a good strech - and, know, i am not asleep......well, not very much.

ps. danl is werking at nite at the moment so we has too be kwiet in the day; he is werking long ours from 9 in the evening until 10 in the mourning and then got to get back hear. the payrents say we has too be very kwiet and orl so he can sleap. well, look, i werk at nites two, yoo no, and no body go around saying - oh, we got too go on tippy tow cos the bodger has bin out on petrole in the nite ect ect. cos we cats is just tuffer.

hello Biggles glad to see that you are back on the computer. I am back too. I have been away for a few days like your pay-rents becaues I have been sulking. I cant remember why I have been sulking but I am sure I had a good reason. Staff has missed me so I am rolling on my back and purring and pressing the side of my face on her arm to make her feel better.
Staff seems quite happy to see me because she has given me lots of cuddles and didnt get cross when I bit her thumb by mistake. She likes it when I purr loudly.
ps that picture of your magnificent private tummy is excellent!
I wish Staff would go to bed soI I can play on the computer properly. She says she is wound up because her tire blew up on the motorway and it took her three times as many hours to get back to the house as she was expecting. I think it is her fault for driving over large objects on the motorway. I didnt tell her that because she is very stressed after what she says was a very stressful weekend. Stress! Humans dont know what real stress is- they should try being cats like us who have to look after them!
Hello Biggles Paddygay here.
Thank you for your comment on my blog.. Also thank you to your father for his concern about me being shot at. other mummy said that he was worried about me. Sorry if my posting was not clear. the children were not shooting at me just at the house but it was nasty and the police are being useless too!

My mummy went to London at the weekend for her friend's birthday. she said it was busy and the underground was broken yesterday. I had to stay at home again. Wish I could go on holiday../

Hello Biggles, thank you for the message.
Mummy has done something to the computer it doesn't have internet explorer I am using somthing called firefox which is scary. I don't like foxes. anyway, this firefox thing interferes with the jaws thing that speaks to mummy and helps lazy cats like me to be able to listen instead of reading the scren. it has a boring voice. anyway, i hope this message works because i couldn't sign into my blog properly so i don't know if this will reach you.

hopefully paddy
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