Wednesday, August 08, 2007


And about time two!!!

The payrents has bin aweigh such a lot wot with cumming and gowing and not letting me yoos the puter when they woz home in bit-ween that i think i will have too rite everythink in at least to blogs.

the ferst time they gode aweigh woz zo going throo this grad-you-ayshon thingy with the first class post degree thingy. so the payrents drive up and it is the day of the terrible terrible terrible reigns and my mum is still sad cos her car is broke but yoo no bout this trip.

well, the second time they went aweigh they went to near dartmouth road ware danl has bin living with roses and mooved orl his stuff. my dad had too drive a big big van, cos i sore it parked outside and it was fool of stuff (they did not dare bring the archie, runt cat - he went to door-set). so off went the payrents in the old 850 and left me in charge with a new gerl cumming in two feed us, corled me-shell, wot means eeven mor werk four mee.

well wen they cum home i runs out in the rode too greet them and gard the cars and things while they take things out and i dun to norty things, yes, too - i runs across the rode to the gardin of the loonies ware the man shouts lots and lots and i do'nt cum back for a bit, tee hee. then i gets gwennie in a littel corner and i is reely swaring at her reel bad - best fun of the lot but i forgot the hoomans woz home so i got cort this time and had to pop out throo the cat flap ware they car'nt cach me for a cupple of mins, tee hee.

then they moove orl the stuff in the van to a plaice corled storij. i looked on the map for this but i cood not find it but i think it must be near grinnij, ware my mum gose quite a lot.

how doo i no orl this? and wot map yoo arsk? well, in the kitchen on a cubbored is a map of the hole wide werld wot i can look at. it has orl the plaices a long long long way aweigh like cyprus and canada water and grinnij (or greenwich as it is rongly spelt on the map) and has orl of the docklands light rail weigh (cos it do'nt whey much) and even have an arrow pointing to the end of the werld - gravesend. yes, it is orl their too sea and most of it, shock shock is outside of my territtorree - mind yoo, it wood take a long time to go rite round it on petrole.

so, danl poots lots and lots of stuff orl over the frunt room and it is reely reely nice to see my bruv even if he got that roses feemail with him aggen!!! (wot she four i dont' no).

so then danl and roses bugger off back to dartmouth rode having mooved orl the stuff up, tippical stoopid hoomans, eh? how cum yoo moove orl the stuff and then yoo go back their? the payrents say it is cos danl has'nt finished his job yet in tourbay and like he has to finish their won nite and start the necks mourning in kingston (my dad yell, jamaica?? no, she went of her own accord. and forl on the flaw larffing cos he think he is funny - hese knot!) upon tems. and he do'nt get know induction or nuffink but has too start strait on the ward cos he still got sow much too learn cos he still ver jew-near.

so it orl cumming and going and but wunce danl dump his stuff he do not moov it.

my dad sed he had to go to car-diff ferst to shoot sumwon corled john barrowboy, capn jack, for the telly. dunno. cardiff is not on my map.

my dad woz not ver happy with orl the werk of driving the long weel bass van orl the weigh from dartmouth rode and then have to drive it to storij and lift orl the stuff around with my mum and danl and roses - well its not cats werk is it??

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