Monday, August 20, 2007


Me n my bruv sleapin

I thort this was ded good cos i think it shose a fammly resemblence. This is me and my bruv dannl and we is bothe sleeping the same weigh!! In case yoo is not shoor I is the won on the left (or is that rite?) and he is the one on the wright (or is that left?). Enny weigh its' ded good innit, we is sooooooo simmlar cos we is bruvvers, but he is trying or the time to poosh me down from therd to forth in the pecking order now he is back home hmmmm. And he shood not corl me a seal pup ready to be clubbed - look seal pups may go clubbing but i doo not doo such silly things.

Oh, yes and annuther thing. Larst weak danl woz werking nites, long nites from 9 oclock to 10 oclock in the mourning and then travling back and only getting 6 hours sleap ect ect. and the payrents woz saying, oh yoo'ove got to be kwiet and let pour danl sleep ect ect cos his werk is soo hard ect ect and he needs his sleap so he do'nt kill the pay-shents over nite. ect ect blah blah. look, i werk EVVRY nite, ok!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i has to get off my cumfy chare or so-far and go out on petrole and check the guardins necks daw and orl that evvry nite eeven if it's reigning and no won go, oh shush, bodger is sleapin now he has been werkin hard out on petrole and gardin the howce and orl.

i is just taken for granted, der payrents never say, oh well dun bodger, a nutther nite and no brake in thanks too yoo. hrrumph!!

he said you looked like a seal! How mean! Mind you, Monty often looks like a gremlin or a trussed up turkey.

I have fixed the link by the way so we can all see your beautiful self curled up and cute. Strokes to you and to your feline siblings x
Hello Biggles, how are you? I think that you look much nicer than your brother danl, as he doesn't have any fur ad looks a bit silly!
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