Saturday, August 18, 2007


sharing nicely again!!! and a kwizz!!!!!!!!!

Runty beeing a ver nice cat woz sharing a lounjer with my dad and aloud his horrid legs around her. when it woz my tern to be on MY lounger i let her stay and share.

Now, hear is the kwizz. hoo is the uther cat sharing der lounger with us? its' not as hansum as me!! no cloos now just a littel hint - is it a cat or a tee cozey. (blast, i shood'nt have sed that I has given the game aweigh do'nt reed that last bit).

osker and paddy, sea if yoo can have a go at my kwizz.

Hello Biggles, that is a very difficult quiz! I really don't know the answer because I am a bit stupid. I also can't ask mummy to help me because she will be no use at all cause she is blind and a bit stupid too!

I liked your story about the map. Mummy says indeed Gravesend is the end of the world and it is a dump of a place....she should knhow, because that's where she used to live in Kent for a while. She says it isn't as bad as Chatham though but it comes close!

It is raining outside and I have had my flea treatment, so I am sulking now.

Your friend

gay Paddy.

P.S, do you know why the other cat comes into my house?
I THINK the third cat is the Ghost of Mr Tickles, who is another cat on a blog. He is a ghost tho, so might just pop up from time to time to say booooo.
that is a hard quiz. I think that it is a cat. but i am not what kind of cat it is. it looks a little flat. maybe it is a cat that has been squashed by a car?

does runty mind sharing her lounger with your dad's legs?

Staff is drinking gin. apparently gin is nice. i dont like it. do you?
yers, well, the storee bout the map is wot we older more intellygent top cats lern. i am shure orl those plaices wot yore mum nose is ded beat and orl and is probbly wye they forgot too culler them in on the map.

gwen doo not like the flea treatment at orl and go berzerk as yoojooall, i'm not botherd.
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