Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We do'nt like hour food!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not a funnee poast or jokey poast, okay?? this is the moste seeriuss poste i has ever ritten.

my dad chainjed our food this summer and me n gwen do'nt like it. we is mr hills sighence light cats and luverly it is. but my dad tride us on a cupple of littel packets of sumthink corled hills sighens mateur adult seen-eeor 7+ cat fud. 7+ wot you probbly arsk, well i doo, but hoomans only give you harf a some, hopeless. well, the littel packets wer ok i suppose but we did'nt say, ok go and bye a bluddy big bag of the stuff cos we like it ver much (not that gwenn'ys opinion counts for ennythink enny weigh) but he go out and by a bluddy big bag of the stuff and its' yuck. me n gwen do'nt like it at orl so we is eating runtys' speshal you-can-yooba you-rinerry oxil-eight (big name!!) insted wot doo not pleese runty cos her bole is orlweighs emptee. my dad sez the noo food is good for us cos we is orl eleven yeres old (my dad cood not rite the number for eleven he just put too number ones necks too each uther) and shood have bin on this food for yeres and its good four us cos its got sumthink corled omega 3 and 6 and vitamins and stuff and its' eeven more expensive ect ect. well, i can tell yoo i do'nt like orl that stuff in my food and its yuk yuk yuk and i wont my propper food back. my dad sez he is sorrie and will bye a big jiant bag of my faverit aggen. and he better bluddee hurree up!!!! this is sow important that i will let yoo no wot happens as soon as possable.

Oh I'm sorry to hear that. You should come and visit. Monty gets chicken in gravy (home-made) every day, and the nice dry stuff that goes crack and crunch. yumee... so he tells me...
Poor Biggles! I am very sorry to hear that you don't like your food. Would you like to come to my house for your dinner? You cant have my food obviously because I need eat but I could let you have Molly's or Denny's. It is 10.50pm so if you leave now and walk quickly on the motorway you should be able to get here by 11.25pm I would think. Except I dont know how far it is from your house because I am bad at maps but it is only half a page on the map from London to Wakefield so unless you are very slow you should be able to do it quick.
Do you prefer chicken or ham flavour?
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