Tuesday, September 25, 2007


the uther biggles

well, as yoo may no, their is annuther biggles but he is not a reel true biggles like me but woz ownlee in storees. well, like me he was brillant and incrediblee brave and orl that. and he woz a flyer in the storees (wot i think is not a ver good ideea) and he had a best frend corled ginger. so cos i is ginger i is corled biggles, sea, but you probbly no this orlreddy. well, biggles floo in a plane corled a sopwith camel (do'nt look nuthing like a cammel too me - but that just like hoomans innit? oh look, wot shall we corl this plain, well it do'nt look nuthing like a cammel so lets' corl it that, brillant!!!!). well, it woz a fyeter plain, natch, orltho i car'nt kwite sea how plains fort, and my dad sez it was a bye-plane. i has been trying to werk this won owt and i think it woz corled a bye-plain cos when it took off and went aweigh you waived it goodbye and said; bye plane! and i suppose, when it woz cumming back in and landing yoo corled it a hello-plane. and the name woz two long with both on it so they shortend it too bye-plane. yeah. i am not shure that the biggles in the storee woz as brave as i am but then he woz onlee in storeys and i am reel and troo and doo reel petroles and get into reel fites and orl that, and he woz a captin or sumthink and i am a top cat wot is hyer.

neerly time for a cumfy sleep on a bed but i must tell you i got a terrible shock the uther day. i woz on petrole and on my weigh back home and was going past the big shed (wot is mine to clime up on but i have not bin dooing it this summer, not that i cood'nt if i wonted too) and theirs my dad up their, on the roof!!! well, i can tell yoo i had a bit of a shock for a minnit. and he woz banging and banging aweigh. my mum sed he woz pooting a new roofing felt stuff on the roof beefour the big storms, but she did'nt say wot it felt like just felt........????? i has to say i think it wood have been polight if he had arsked if he cood go on my shed roof ferst but i woz a weigh at the time on the bigger petrole. and then their woz a big windee storm the neckst nite so maybee my dad woz a bit clever for wunce. oh, yes, and he cheeted to get up cos he yoosed a laddery step thingy wear-as i clime up orl on my own.

time for my hard erned sleap now.

Hi Biggles. I have explained what a canal is on my blog. Molly has been there too but Dennace feels sick when we go near him. I have also talked about the fish that is in my garden and the surprise that we are planning for Staff.
Biggles the flying man sounds exciting- I like to fly but only from the wardrobe onto the bed in the night.
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