Tuesday, October 30, 2007


dooing good jobs!!

i'ts not a wilde dangeruss jungly beest wot has escaped from the zoo or the jungly its mee. i no at a kwick glance yoo woz probbly a bit frytend by the fotose of a big brave top cat tipe beesty but its' just mee.

Bizzy bizzy time in the guarden. my dad deesided that the guardin fernitcher woz gowing to be put aweigh in the big shed cos the sun shine and orl that is not so worm now (probbly cos there central heeting is browken two) and me n runty is not sunday barthing on the tables or on hour loungers.
natch, this is an important job putting orl the chairs and table in the Big Shed and my dad orlweighs need my help to check insighed the shed and check that noboddy is going to steel nuthink wile he doo it. runty dun cum two but she do'nt doo no jobs and she just trot arowned sniffing stuff. here is three (or is that fore, i no i'ts more than to, yep im pritty shaw its' three?) fotos of me guardin the guardin fernitcheur in the guardin (or the same werd, yay!!!). on the woody pile wot the tree sir-johns left and on the nice new chares when dad woz putting more aweigh, to gard them.

i arsk my dad how cum the luvly sunny whether like wot me n runty (and eeven gwen - yuk) luv sew much, how cum it go and we get the narsty colde wet whether like wot i has too go out on petrole in. my dad say it orl ver ver complicated but it a bit like mooving ferther aweigh from a fire - well, wee no lots bout fires at the moment cos the raydee-eighters is orl colde!!! that no joke. my dad say if yoo go to the center of the erth in the middle to a plaice corled the ee-kwait-er then it it sunny hot orl the year round!!! well, i went to look for this on my map of the werld in the kichin and i looked for a plaice in the center of the hole wide werld corld ee-kwaiter and i cood not find it. I thort it wood probbly bee on the Central line (the orangy wun cos that gose orl throo the middel but it woz not their so i looked on the cercle line (yellow wun) and nuthink their two. he orlso say that they it ver nice and worm in winter in the west indies and yess, i found that on the map of the werld it have a stayshon corld West India Quay wot is on the DLR wot is littel bit of the werld wot is greyey greeney and they did not bother to culler it in propper in the middel (tippical, eh??). Well, that is a very very long weigh aweigh from hear in my territtorree and orltho i luv the sun and wen it is worm i is sertenlee not going that far.

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