Thursday, October 11, 2007


Tosca Runty Nu-Nu

Hello, hello. My dear friend Biggles has very kindly allowed me to use his blog to tell you that my mummy came home a little while ago!! She came and stayed for the night and then she went!! And then she came back again for a night and then she went!!! I am still sleeping on her bed every every evening because I am sure she will come back again very very soon and not abandon me the way she has done in the past for months and months and months, not that my daddy is not lovely to me and gives me my special affection every evening (except when he doesn't!!!), but I do need to see my mummy some times because she is my mummy. I know I have been doing a few wee-wees behind the door but I am feeling calmer again. I wish to thank Biggles for letting me use a little bit of space on his blog. My tail!!!!!!!!!.........evil!!!!!!!!!!!!! evil!!!!!!!!!! tormenter.........!!!!!!!!!!!! I will bite you off, you evil tail tip!!!!!!! ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you hurt me when I bite you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kill, kill, kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will bite, bite, bite you again for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gess hoo?? (Me, biggles in case yoo do'nt gess). Just a kwick werd bout the Zo cumming home. It is orlweighs nice too sea my sister wot is lower than me in the peckin order but she do'nt stay long. But the payrents told me she had forlen over larst weak and broken her arm - and no she do'nt drink no alcohol, but she like oskers' mum and do'nt no how to stand up. Oske'rs mum as wee no fell over her owne frunt step and her rist am still know good a hundrid yeres layter. Zo say it wer a tree stump wot the cown-sil left and wot woz orl dark in the eevning and she cood'nt sea wen carrying stuff. I is of cause ver sorry that Zo has broke her alm but i think this just showe that hooman beans wot with working on too legs so they got there horizontally opposed thum (blah blah) just ai'nt as good as like wot we is wot work on orl for pours and orlsow hoomans doo not hav cats' eyes for seaing at nite like wot wee has. Sew it just sho hoo is soopee-reeor aggen. oh yes, the payrents went to sea zo at the weakend and left me in charj orl day, nach, and thay say she ai'nt to bad and the arm shood get better ok. danl sed her brake yoojoolee heel pritty ok.

Hi Biggles and Tosca
My Staff has asked me to ask you a strange question as to whether Zoe is soo-ing the tree-stump or something like that? she said something about com-pen-sayshun. I like pens. does that mean the tree stump has to give her a pen?
ps I have come home now and i hurt my paw but it is feeling better now because i had fish for dinner.
Hello Paddy here. I think Zoe should sue the tree stump even though she felled over it when it was dark. My blind mummy had an accdent on her holiday and cut her head open on a parasole pole! yes, you did read that right! her mummy, that is my kind of blind and arthritus ridden grandmummy reckoned blind mummy should sue the hotel whot left the parrasole pole in the sand without a parsole on it, even though it was blind mummy's fault for bveing blind and putting her head near it!
Dear Biggles, where are you? we we miss you. your gay friend paddy
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