Tuesday, October 30, 2007


trubbles with my dad number too

ok, look, i think my dad (and maybee my mum to) is going mad aggen. it happend a few munths ago and it happening aggen. it is not funny but very wurrying. yoo remember like wen i rote that my dad sed that orl the clocks in the house wer mooving fourward, so i woched them and did'nt sleap or nuthink, and i told yoo that nun of them mooved. well, i had the same trubble the uther day cos he say that orl the clocks is mooving backwards that nite. it can be scaree wen yoo is told that things in the house will moove ....... well, not scaree for me, of corse, cos i is a tuff top cat but yoo no the feemails get scared and orl that.

ok ok, hear is too fotos of to clocks, rite?? wun is on the worl in the kichin and wun is an old fashonned wyndee up wun. the kichin wun is on the worl and car'nt moove backwerds at orl the uther wun is orlmost tuching the worl and carnt' moove only a tye-knee bit but it did'nt!!!!

the hooman werd for this condishon is sigh-co-siss, cos peepel sigh and say oh deer when this happen. well, i think my dad got a ver bad case of sigh-co-siss over clocks and maybee he have to go and sea a person wot deel with sigh-co-siss wot is corled a sigh-kye-at-risk. i doo try too tell him that the clocks doo not moove but he do'nt lissen as yoojoo-orl.

ackshirley, has yoo ever looked at a clock??? i dunno why hoomans have them. thay say its' too tell the time - too tell the time whot???? they do'nt tork???? i has looked at them. the kichin wun has a switty littel red stick pointy thing wot go tickety tickety tick round and round kwite farst, then it have a black wun wot go round much more slowlier, then a littel black pointy thing wot moove ver slowly - i has wotched it and it is ver ver slow. and then there is numbers on it, not menny but it gose more hi than like wot i like to count so its' quite lots. but they is ownly their so that sum times wun payrent will say too the uther - "look at the time!!!!" - much good that doo. or thay look at the clock and say; "oh, bugger wee missed that pogrom on the telly".

my dad sez their are orlsew digital clocks but i has not scene them. they has a few with numbers ownly wot doo counting but i no that digit means finger so it wood be a clock with lots of fingers on it and we do'nt got nun like that.

if my dad or my mum go reely reely barmee i will tell you.

ello Biggles, this is Paddy's blind mummy here. I understand why you are confused about the time moving the clocks going back etc. I am confused too, particularly when Paddy Ebeneezer, Lola and pixie wake me up really really early for their breakfast because they think its morning. This makes me get up early and go to the station and get the wrong train to work! I also get confused when it is my own meal times an dwant to eat at stupid hours. did the clock thing mess up your meals too?

Paddy's Blind Mummy
hello blinde mummy, well the clocks do'nt maike that much diffrence too mee but i must say that brekfarst is definitly a bit on the laite side at the moamonet. we car'nt wake up the payrents cos we is sleaping in the playroom and they is up stares.
I hope the bump on yore hed is now much better.

Biggles. Say halo to paddee from me; i am not at orl shure he wood have liked mr jos'hs finger rite up his bottee boo.
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