Tuesday, October 30, 2007


trubbles with my dad number wun

it happening aggen. my dad went out the uther weak and started getting or the leaves off the grarss. he doo this evvry yere and orl that happen is that more of them forl down. why?? i has eggs-plained this too him and too yoo beefour!! cos leaves is corled leaves cos they leaves the trees and forl on the ground and then you just leaves them alone and then they go aweigh in the end.

i say this too my dad, look dad, just leaves the leaves like wot that is wot they is corled four, ok? he say that he needs to get rid of the leaves cos sumwun tolde him they is bad for the grarss. well, have yoo ever scene hour grarss?? well it moastly dandylions and moss ennyweigh, so i do'nt sea wot a few leaves is going too doo. he yoosed too doo it with ray-king and stuff and that woz nice and kwiet but he maid him miserble so he bort a sucky blow blow thingy and that woz ver noisy but he thort it woz no more kwicklier than ray-king. then he bort a knew bigger lorn mower for cutting the grarss (it still orlweighs orlweighs grow back but he never lern and take aweigh my jungly bit wot i like) and now he doo the leaves with that. he reely sad and if he lissened too mee he wood'nt have too doo it.

of corse if he woz reely clever he wood stick the leaves on the trees so they do'nt forl down or bye trees wot do'nt has leaves wot leave the trees, like wot is named arfter that laydee, conny furr.

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