Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Wee still has know heeting in the hous!!!!

Wee still has no sentral heeting, not that I care ver much if the silly littel drying room has a boiler in it or not cos I is not aloud to sleap ver offen on the clothes when they is nice and toasty dry on top. Wot I bluddy well doo care is how cum the ray-dee-eighters is still colde???? Mr Pat has bin werking hear four too hole days now, yesterday with mr ed wot doo the brick stuff and twoday (cos its' day too) with yung maff-you (funny name) but still it is'nt finished!!!

Gwen (yuck) have werked out that their is a nice toasty fire in the playroom and she is having nice toasty sleaps in frunt of it. me n runty doo not like the noisee olde blowey things wot my dad put out wot blow hot heir around, so we makes the best of a bad job on a bed with a doovay.

it woz sew noisee tooday that i thort i wood have a quiet sleep in the guardin as it is not to cold and wot happens??? dad cum out and get out the lorn mower and cut up orl the leaves. is their know piece in this werld ennywear for a cat?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (ooh, i not dun that in a long long time, tee hee).

larst nite wen dad woz out i did not just follow my mum about and spend lots and lots and lots of time on her lap cos i is upset bout the mess mr pat am maiking in my territtorree. no no. it woz to reashure my mum that evrythink is orl rite, cos she can get up set when the house is ver ver messy (not that it is ever tye-dee).

well, life is ver ver tyring, i can tell yoo that much for nuthink.

PS My dad say he woz telling a yung laydee corld lorer/lawrer??? about my blog and she say to narsty things. ferst she say that she doo not like cats - well i do'nt like yoo then, miss lorner. therd (or is that seckond??) she say that she doo not beleave that i wright this blog!!!! well, hoo doo she think rite it then, eh, not my payrents thats' four shore and it ai'nt runty and gwen not allowed upstares. then she say to my dad that lying is a sin. i has never bin sew insulated in orl of my lyfe!!! and ennyweigh wot is a sin??? i no the werds IN and OUT but not SIN and SOUT, and i no the werd SING cos my dad doo it sumtimes and ver narsty it is too. well, I doo lye. i lye on my left side (or is that my rite?) and i lie on my write side (or is that left?) and sumtimes when it is ver very luvly and toasty hot outside I lie on my back and toasty orl my tummy, luvly. i wunce sore a bit of a film wear a man dun sing; I'm sinning in the reign, just sinning in the reign.....dunno if thats' rite. i cood arsk my dad wot this sin thing is but i to bee onnest i car'nt bee botherd. she have never red my blog or osckers' or paddy ebenez'ers, so she do'nt no nuthink. so i say too yoo miss lorner (and this is not the nice lorner griftits wot yoosed to rite too mee when i woz ferst blogging but then stopped, boo hoo), poo and maybee i do'nt like yoo!!!!

PSPS my dad sez that i am the best of the best of the best, sew their!!!!!!!!!!!

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