Tuesday, April 15, 2008


annimal bee-haiv-your


Yes, I is up on my shed as the whether is now gettin better thank yoo. wot is i dooing hear, yoo arsk. well, this trea, sea, hangs over my shed and I doo not runty or nunboddee else thinking that this is there territtorree wen it is mine, so i is marking the tree with my sent. wye is it corled sent, yoo arsk, oh, deer, this is sooooooooo obveeuss, cos the smell is sent (sea) from my speshall glandy plaice out and i leave it on the tree but not on the leaves, ok??

now mr attenburger has been tellin us orl bout a family of tygers on the telly. ver ver intresting to sea the bigger cats (eeven if there not as frytening as me). ware doo tygers cum from, yoo arsk?? simple, from tye-land, ov coarse, stoopid.

these tygers doo alot of huntin and stuff and the mummy has too teech her baybees how to hunt and orl that. i think they shood find a ver ver big bag of hills' science food and they wood not have to run around orl the time arfter food like wot i dont'. but it is ver ver intersting cos they mark the area like wot i doo. and the cubs daddy woz pourly for a bit and anuther young tom tyger dun cum into the air-ree-er and the cubs woz frytend cos the mummy had a ver narsty woond on her tummy and mr attenberger and his frends did not take her to a vet like mr josh wot wood have bin good, orltho he mite loos his thermomeeter if he put it up a tygers' bottom and the tyger mite get cross wot cood be a bit tricky.

wen i is on the shed i can sit down and wotch lots of my territtorree without mooving at orl wot is just sew clever of mee!! innit?

the animals orlso doo ver good hydin in cam-you-flarj and i will put up fotos of me in cam-yoo-flarj, so yoo will have to look more closelier to find me. i think i is ackshirley maw intressting than the tygers do'nt yoo???? (the arnser is YES!)

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