Thursday, April 10, 2008


At bluDDy larst!!!

Wel, yoo has bin wundering, wear has the gratest blogger in the werld gon?? not just the gratest bloger in the werld but orlsow the moast importint!!!

Thats' wye i has poot up a picksher of mee weighting and weighting too blog - thats' the won on the left...or is it rite?? and the uther won is of mee owt on petrole this spring you-sing cam-you-flarj cos i is cunning and i is not sniffing the pritty flours, ok??

well, wear to start??? well, wye has i not bin bloggin. their was Mary Krissmass cum along, wear we get the tree for Mary but ferst my mums' sister ali dun cum down with them too vary strainj boys of hers' - the wun wot dont' tork and the won wot never stop torking.

then we all sed Mary Krissmass and orl that and gave presents and orl that and Mary did not cum aggen. then danl dun cum with roses for krissmass and zo dun cum with a noo man corled ben wot is ginger like me!!! hooray BUT he corl me sexy beast - i doo not no wot this meens but i think he is joe-king me, and he corl my dad dave wot i no hee doo not like at orl!!! He better not mess with me!!!

I got four krissmass another corky the cork.....or too?? Cos I had corky the corky one and corky the corky won to. now i have corky the cork the uther wun, and corky the cork the wun over their. so, that on i is countin..........lots!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!

orltho the day is corled mary krissmass we had to have our big meel of turnkey on the other ladeys day, krissmass eve or too give it the propper name eves' krissmass evening. this woz ok by me but woz cos danl woz werking on mary krissmass day, bringing tydings of cumfort and joy (hoo ever they are) to the sick of kingston.

but the rapping payper woz grate and it woz funn funn funn. more pics too follow. this is not rapping mewsick wot certainly make me mew and sick.

then my dad kept telling me to bugger off cos he woz dooing lots and lots of accounting cos other wise it would be fine at the end of january. well, i do'nt sea wye he coodnt' doo the counting at the end of jan-you-airee if thats' when its' fine. then he woz bizzy bizzy bizzy on lots of helth things - do'nt arsk cos i dont' no and i do'nt cair - but he woz werking werking werking. and orl the time he still trying to cach the mouses in the trap thingy. he go out on petrole every nite and sum afternoons to werk this mousetrap thingy but he dont' cach it, doo hee??? sigh.

i is tyred now but their is lots and lots and lots and lots maw to rite on my blog. oh good yes cos my life is as intresting and ecksighting and brilliant as ever.

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