Tuesday, April 15, 2008


cam-yoo-flarj - can yoo sea mee??

Can you see me in orl of this??? i is in cam-yoo-flarj (tee hee). now cam you flarge is ver ver important for us huntin and fie-tin beesties!!! oh yes, cos how else can we stork hour pray??? mr attendberger has bin showing a fammly of tygers and they yoos camyoo flarj alot cos it is ver ver yoosfull when yoo is huntin for hills' science and runtys' speshall extra expensive food and that. now, i is hydin in the daffidills orltho orl the flours has now gon wot is a shame cos i like the weigh the daffiydills cum up throo the grars evvry spring time and orl that. and they help mee when i is on petrole and orl that cos i can hide and everythink. of corse sum times i like two bee on my shed so i can sea much moor. yoo hoomans cood lern alot from this yoo no, and from wotchin the tygers on the telly. they is ver big and doo growl lots. i duz not growl lots but doo lots of purring, speshally when the payrents is arownd.

has yoooo been eating all your dad's pretty daffodils young biggles? tut tut!
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