Tuesday, April 15, 2008


the queen doo not no her a.m. from her p.m.

I doo not no wot this is orl abowt and wye my dad ca'nt lern to set up his oan blogg insted of orlweighs borrowing mine and i cant' say know cos its' his compooter. he say he will put up a picksher of mee to showing mee weighting ver nicely for my tern on the puter, so ok.

well, he say that the queen (hoo hee, please?) doo not no his or her A.M from her P.M. and this say that they have a service in the middle of the nite wot is stoopid. i think service meens like wen my food bowl is loe on mr hills science crunchy food and my dad or mum put sum in it.

my dad say that it is lat-in and the queen shood no latin like wot cos she is ver old.

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