Friday, May 09, 2008


A sad storee

As yoo no, I offen sit on the Graudinia to lern lots of stuff and last satterday their woz a ver ver sad storee bout a cat corled Wilson wot looked like a luverly cat and wot dyed at the age of only 13, like wot my dad sez is oanlee wun yere older than wot me, n runty n gwen the miggit is. and he woz a nice helthy wait like wot i is. mr josh doo say that maybee i has a bit of ohbee city but that is a baw-ring telly pogrom but hooman vets. but he got ver ver pawly and had to bee taken too the vet too bee put too sleep - i can put myself too sleep ver eesily thank yoo and do not knead mr josh, the vet, too doo it four me, thank yoo.

well, wilson dyed and their woz this ver ver nice storee bout it told bye a laydee corled sabine durrant and liek how she tolde her children and how they dun got his ashis (dunno how yoo doo that and my dad wo'nt say) and now my dad sez that wilson has gon too the grate cattery in the sky - i cant' sea it eeven with my brillant aye site, coz i do'nt wont it too forl on my hed, thank yoo ver much!!

wilson mite hav bin orlmost as good a top cat as mee, neerly but not quite of coarse, as i is the top cat hear and my dad says i is the best of the best of the best, and i gard the hous and my territtorree and doo lots of helpin with the jobs, speshally now that danl and zo do'nt liv hear no maw, and when they doo cum they orlweighs bring them uther wuns with them etc etc

enny weigh it is a sad, sweet storee and yoo can find it in family guardinian Satterday, therd of may.

dycDear Biggles, I am so sorry to hear about your parent's accident. I hope he gets well soon and is able to give you lots of strokes and attention.

Your friend Paddygay
Biggles yes I am mad, would you like to sponsor me please please

Paddys mum
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