Thursday, March 29, 2007


How stoopid can hoomans bee??????????

I has to tell yoo diss cos its' sooooooooooooooo funny. and it shoe how stoopid hoomans is. I has too larffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last weak end my mum woz sayin to my dad, do'nt fourget der clocks go fourward two nite. I no sez my dad and I will doo it in der mourning.

Ok, ok. I checks in der mourning and evry day orl der clocks and not won single clock as mooved an inch or a milly meter or nuffink fourward or backward. Ha ha. And der biggest joke is dat der payrents fink dat all der clocks has moved fourward.


stoopid. no wot i mean? wear wood they bee without me to check on fings, I dunno.

I know what you mean Biggles! Last week the Staff changed the time on her phone-something to do with summer?
What she didn't realise is that her phone changes itself when the time changes. So the next day she was an hour early for everything. It was really funny because I knew she had been stupid and didn't tell her.
Happy holiday with Mrs Florence to your humans.
hope they hurry up and get back so you can use the computer again.
hello me again

have had to change my blog name

(I am a little bit backwards. And paranoid!)
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