Tuesday, April 15, 2008


cam-yoo-flarj - can yoo sea mee??

Can you see me in orl of this??? i is in cam-yoo-flarj (tee hee). now cam you flarge is ver ver important for us huntin and fie-tin beesties!!! oh yes, cos how else can we stork hour pray??? mr attendberger has bin showing a fammly of tygers and they yoos camyoo flarj alot cos it is ver ver yoosfull when yoo is huntin for hills' science and runtys' speshall extra expensive food and that. now, i is hydin in the daffidills orltho orl the flours has now gon wot is a shame cos i like the weigh the daffiydills cum up throo the grars evvry spring time and orl that. and they help mee when i is on petrole and orl that cos i can hide and everythink. of corse sum times i like two bee on my shed so i can sea much moor. yoo hoomans cood lern alot from this yoo no, and from wotchin the tygers on the telly. they is ver big and doo growl lots. i duz not growl lots but doo lots of purring, speshally when the payrents is arownd.


annimal bee-haiv-your


Yes, I is up on my shed as the whether is now gettin better thank yoo. wot is i dooing hear, yoo arsk. well, this trea, sea, hangs over my shed and I doo not runty or nunboddee else thinking that this is there territtorree wen it is mine, so i is marking the tree with my sent. wye is it corled sent, yoo arsk, oh, deer, this is sooooooooo obveeuss, cos the smell is sent (sea) from my speshall glandy plaice out and i leave it on the tree but not on the leaves, ok??

now mr attenburger has been tellin us orl bout a family of tygers on the telly. ver ver intresting to sea the bigger cats (eeven if there not as frytening as me). ware doo tygers cum from, yoo arsk?? simple, from tye-land, ov coarse, stoopid.

these tygers doo alot of huntin and stuff and the mummy has too teech her baybees how to hunt and orl that. i think they shood find a ver ver big bag of hills' science food and they wood not have to run around orl the time arfter food like wot i dont'. but it is ver ver intersting cos they mark the area like wot i doo. and the cubs daddy woz pourly for a bit and anuther young tom tyger dun cum into the air-ree-er and the cubs woz frytend cos the mummy had a ver narsty woond on her tummy and mr attenberger and his frends did not take her to a vet like mr josh wot wood have bin good, orltho he mite loos his thermomeeter if he put it up a tygers' bottom and the tyger mite get cross wot cood be a bit tricky.

wen i is on the shed i can sit down and wotch lots of my territtorree without mooving at orl wot is just sew clever of mee!! innit?

the animals orlso doo ver good hydin in cam-you-flarj and i will put up fotos of me in cam-yoo-flarj, so yoo will have to look more closelier to find me. i think i is ackshirley maw intressting than the tygers do'nt yoo???? (the arnser is YES!)


the queen doo not no her a.m. from her p.m.

I doo not no wot this is orl abowt and wye my dad ca'nt lern to set up his oan blogg insted of orlweighs borrowing mine and i cant' say know cos its' his compooter. he say he will put up a picksher of mee to showing mee weighting ver nicely for my tern on the puter, so ok.

well, he say that the queen (hoo hee, please?) doo not no his or her A.M from her P.M. and this say that they have a service in the middle of the nite wot is stoopid. i think service meens like wen my food bowl is loe on mr hills science crunchy food and my dad or mum put sum in it.

my dad say that it is lat-in and the queen shood no latin like wot cos she is ver old.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I is not skared of thunda, OK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Look, the bangy bangs in the skie, wot is corled thunder, is not ver nice bit it is ridikilas too say that I is frytend of it!!! Ho ho ho, of coarse not!!!! wot happend tooday, rite, woz there was a shower and I was sleaping on my bed with runty, rite? and then it orl went bang, write? so wot i did woz go to find my dad in the study, wright? and i thort I wood be less in the weigh if I went under the bed and staid their for a bit, and had a littel nap their. i did cum owt wen my dad dun corl mee and chequed he woz ok, and then I went back under for a bit longer. thats orl. OK????? and now i will go and have a wrest on my dads' desk. and do'nt yoo dair say anythink else.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Yoo must reed this!!!

My dad say that I ca'nt doo more bloggin until I put this up and tell yoo orl to reed it. My dad sore it in Wemberlee. It look's ok too mee, cant' sea the problem, must have bin quite expensive to maik such a nice yawning thing for the shop, tho. I will blog aggen ver soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


At bluDDy larst!!!

Wel, yoo has bin wundering, wear has the gratest blogger in the werld gon?? not just the gratest bloger in the werld but orlsow the moast importint!!!

Thats' wye i has poot up a picksher of mee weighting and weighting too blog - thats' the won on the left...or is it rite?? and the uther won is of mee owt on petrole this spring you-sing cam-you-flarj cos i is cunning and i is not sniffing the pritty flours, ok??

well, wear to start??? well, wye has i not bin bloggin. their was Mary Krissmass cum along, wear we get the tree for Mary but ferst my mums' sister ali dun cum down with them too vary strainj boys of hers' - the wun wot dont' tork and the won wot never stop torking.

then we all sed Mary Krissmass and orl that and gave presents and orl that and Mary did not cum aggen. then danl dun cum with roses for krissmass and zo dun cum with a noo man corled ben wot is ginger like me!!! hooray BUT he corl me sexy beast - i doo not no wot this meens but i think he is joe-king me, and he corl my dad dave wot i no hee doo not like at orl!!! He better not mess with me!!!

I got four krissmass another corky the cork.....or too?? Cos I had corky the corky one and corky the corky won to. now i have corky the cork the uther wun, and corky the cork the wun over their. so, that makes......er......hang on i is countin..........lots!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!

orltho the day is corled mary krissmass we had to have our big meel of turnkey on the other ladeys day, krissmass eve or too give it the propper name eves' krissmass evening. this woz ok by me but woz cos danl woz werking on mary krissmass day, bringing tydings of cumfort and joy (hoo ever they are) to the sick of kingston.

but the rapping payper woz grate and it woz funn funn funn. more pics too follow. this is not rapping mewsick wot certainly make me mew and sick.

then my dad kept telling me to bugger off cos he woz dooing lots and lots of accounting cos other wise it would be fine at the end of january. well, i do'nt sea wye he coodnt' doo the counting at the end of jan-you-airee if thats' when its' fine. then he woz bizzy bizzy bizzy on lots of helth things - do'nt arsk cos i dont' no and i do'nt cair - but he woz werking werking werking. and orl the time he still trying to cach the mouses in the trap thingy. he go out on petrole every nite and sum afternoons to werk this mousetrap thingy but he dont' cach it, doo hee??? sigh.

i is tyred now but their is lots and lots and lots and lots maw to rite on my blog. oh good yes cos my life is as intresting and ecksighting and brilliant as ever.

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